Customer Centric Cloud:
Hype or Hybrid?

  • It's a buyer's market as enterprises move to focus on delivering customers what they want, where they want and how they want it to provide a competitive edge

  • As we enter the Age of the Customer, it is even more important that innovation adapts to customer expectations

  • Learn why hybrid cloud is the smarter way to provide a customer centric cloud and service

What is the Age of the Customer?

The convergence of production, distribution and information technologies has led to consumers taking more control over their purchasing. Organisations must become more customer centric if they wish to compete in this new Customer Age. To do this, organisations need to provide consumers with the right information and services, how and when they want them.


Underpinning all this is a flexible infrastructure platform – Customer Centric Cloud – that combines both private and public cloud models.

Customer Centric Cloud can be defined simply as a cloud strategy that focuses on customer enablement, and provides a platform for launching the services and tools demanded by your customers (customers in this instance could include consumers, internal users, partners, employees, or any combination of the above.) The foundation of any Customer Centric Cloud is a hybrid cloud made up of private and public cloud solutions.

About the study

Telstra commissioned Vanson Bourne, an independent specialist in market research, to undertake the research upon which this report is based. In total, 675 IT decision makers were interviewed from multinational organisations in five countries. Respondents work for organisations in the private sector with 250 or more employees.

This research was commissioned to evaluate what cloud services organisations are currently using. How can Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) benefit organisations? Are enterprises leveraging IaaS already? Is there a link between modern IT objectives and the need for cloud services? What can businesses currently expect of their cloud service provider(s) and what type of providers are they looking to work with in the future


Hype or hybrid?

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